About Us

A great many years have passed since the time when Papà Carmelo was producing pecorino romano cheese down in Sardinia.

In the beginning, the Radichino farm was run by Papà Carmelo as a tenant, then over time he managed to buy it outright. With a great deal of hard work, passion and determination, the farm was expanded from its initial 60 hectares to the current 250 hectares, all certified as organic for more than 25 years now.

It is a story that's all about respect and love for nature.

Alongside the time-honoured business of raising livestock, the farm is also home to a dairy and a farm restaurant, run by the Pira brothers.

Indeed, the Pira brothers are now carrying forward the tradition established by Papà Carmelo, and they are doing so with admirable passion and dedication. The values handed down by the older generation serve as a touchstone for everything that Gianni and Tonino do.



On the farm, we raise more than 1500 Sardinian sheep and 80 goats, and their milk is used to make 20 different types of cheese. Out of all of these types, special mention must be made of the goat’s cheeses, and the medium-mature, mature and fresh cheeses.

Operations such as experimenting with various temperatures, using several types of rennet and deploying ever-changing ways to break up the curd all help us to find new solutions.

The manual input into the cheesemaking process, the hand-salting, the processing of the rind with natural products such as extra-virgin olive oil and, last but not least, the ageing in climate-controlled rooms and in natural caves all combine to make our cheeses utterly unique, artisanal products which embody all that is wonderful about this part of the world.

Tenuta il Radichino is the distinctive branding used on our products, and it guarantees their authentic origin here in the area known as the Tuscia Viterbese.