Upon your arrival, you’ll be given a warm welcome as you are ushered into our family-run farm restaurant, in the heart of the Tuscia area, on the border between the Tuscany and Lazio regions, where we’ll serve up authentic delicacies to delight your palate.
All of the dishes are prepared using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, sourced almost exclusively from our farm – and any that don’t come from the farm still benefit from a very short supply chain.

In our farm restaurant, everything is made by hand, from the fresh pasta to the desserts, carrying forward ancient traditions that unite the island of Sardinia and the historical region of Tuscia. To visit our in-house restaurant is to go on a voyage of discovery of the flavours and aromas of the traditional dishes and genuine ingredients that this part of Italy has to offer.
At our large buffet, you will have the opportunity to savour everything that we make here on the farm, from our cheeses – mature, medium-mature, fresh and goat's cheese – to our salamis, vegetables and much more besides…all prepared by the expert hands of Mamma Giuliana.

The traditional dishes on offer at our farm restaurant include: gnocchetti sardi al ragù (small ridged pasta with ragout), pappardelle al cinghiale (pasta strips with boar meat), ravioli di ricotta (pasta parcels stuffed with ricotta cheese) and maialino arrosto (roast suckling pig). Opened as the result of a bet between Gianni and our mum Giuliana, the farm restaurant is the heart of our family, better known for breeding sheep and goats and for the cheeses that their milk allows us to make, which – naturally – constitute the cornerstone of the menu here. In true Sardinian style – in honour of our family’s origins and in tribute to our father Carmelo – we serve a mega buffet based on a multitude of home-made cheeses, enriched by small, traditional culinary specialities and by a series of delicious, entirely home-made salamis. Then there is the fresh pasta, again made here, which is in turn followed by roasted or pan-fried main courses – suspended half-way between Sardinia and Tuscia, so to speak – starting from the suckling pig and the suckling lamb. Other traditional dishes available here include seadas (honey and cheese pastries), bujone (marinated lamb), acquacotta (Tuscan soup) and pane carasau (flatbread).

Opening days

Friday: Lunch and Dinner
Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
Sunday: Lunch

N.B: reservations for the agri-restaurant must be made ONLY via telephone numbers